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The focus of social initiatives

Today IV National Forum of NGOs of Uzbekistan has begun its work in the capital. National Association of NGOs, Public Fund for Support of NGOs and other civil society institutions under the Oliy Majlis and the Parliamentary Commission for the management of its funds, Independent Institute for monitoring the formation of civil society with the support of a number of social partners have organized it.

At a press conference held on the eve of a large-scale event, the organizers noted that the objectives of the forum is to increase active participation of NGOs in solving urgent problems of the socio-economic and socio-political development of the country, strengthening of social partnership between the third sector and public authorities, strengthening the role of National Association of NGOs in the consolidation of public initiatives.

It was preceded by regional forums that covered more than 2.5 thousand professionals of NGOs and government agencies. During these events more than 300 proposals for the further development of social partnership in the field have trained. Even more intense program promises to be a republican meeting.

During the forum, plenary sessions and round tables, presentations and discussions on the agenda which made the issues of further strengthening of NGOs in areas such as peace and harmony in the society, education of harmoniously developed young generation, protection of women’s rights, environmental medium. Along with this, the focus of the participants – the strengthening of the social partnership between NGOs and government institutions, the interaction of civil society and business entities, development of volunteering and charitable activity of citizens in the sphere of social protection of vulnerable populations. Consider the experience of the practical participation of the third sector in the development and implementation of legal acts, sectoral, regional and national programs, including the years of attention and care for the older generation, they will develop their proposals to the State program “Year of healthy mother and child”. In addition, it’s planned to prepare a comprehensive program to strengthen the social partnership between government agencies and NGOs.

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