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Taiwan sends 2 renowned art groups to Delhi International Art Festival

New Delhi, Oct 13 The annual art feast, Delhi International Art Festival will start from the 16th of October. This year, for the first time, Taiwan is to send 2 renowned art groups to present its splendid cultural performance to art lovers.

The 2 cultural troupes form Taiwan, Taiwan Bamboo orchestra (TBO) & Ming Hwa Yuan Opera, are invited to perform in the opening of DIAF on 16 October and International –Look East section on 30 October respectively. They are sponsored by Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

TBO is well known for its creative use of bamboo instruments in bringing new life to traditional Chinese music and popular music of the world. Most instruments applied by TBO on the stage are bamboo based that designed and developed by group leader Dr. Shih-Yin Wu, an associate professor from National Yilan University, Taiwan. The talented musicians in TBO will be performing ensembles with a variety of bamboo instruments, such as Bamboom, Bamboo Xylophone, Ding-Dong, Boorimba and Slapping Bamboo. Traditional Chinese bamboo instruments such as Bamboo Flute, Sheng, Four pieces etc. are also applied in the performance.

MHY not only represents the best of Taiwan’s creative cultural asset, but have also introduced, with great success, Taiwanese Opera to other parts of the world, to the delight and surprise of global audiences. In line with their effort in developing and branding the Musical of the Orient, Ming Hwa Yuan has reached audiences in France, the US, South Africa, Japan and South East Asia etc.

Amb. Chung-Kwang Tien, Representative of Taipei Economic & Cultural Center in India said, these 2 groups have gained popularity internationally for its amiable music and lively performance and received much acclaim from audience with different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. This is the first time they perform in South Asia, and we hope our music and opera can reach and warm audience’s hearts in India.