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Presentation of dried fruits and sweets in Milan

22expo_milanoAs part of the World Exhibition EXPO Milano 2015 in Italy there was a presentation of dried fruits and sweets of cluster “Fruits and Vegetables”.

The exposition of Uzbekistan presented to the public the different kinds of dried fruits and sweets, which attracted the attention and were very interesting for exhibitors and visitors. They were delighted with the taste of provided products.

As it is known, the favorable climatic conditions of our country make it possible to grow fruit and vegetables all year round and contribute to their natural maturation, filling with the natural sweetness and deep flavor.

Then the presentation of dried fruit gradually moved to the National Pavilion of Uzbekistan, where guests continued acquaintance with the goods produced in the country. Here they had the opportunity to assess the unique taste of tea and natural juices.

The visitors expressed their admiration for high quality products and its unique taste. They unanimously expressed their intention to visit our country, to witness and to get acquainted with our sunny land.


It should be noted that Uzbekistan traditionally successfully participates in international agro orientated exhibitions. In particular, this year the representatives of the country took part in the International Fair Fruit Logistica 2015 in Berlin. Its visitors, as well as potential partners and investors, emphasized the appearance of products, as well as its great taste.

National Pavilion of Uzbekistan at the EXPO Milano 2015 covers 500 square meters. In this area it is demonstrated the achievements of our country during the independence years and its economic and investment potential, provided information about the conditions of doing business in the free industrial economic zones, favorable investment environment, infrastructure development, transport and logistics, rich cultural heritage, history and modernity.

At the exhibition one can also get acquainted with the results of the work on the development of agricultural sphere, achieving grain self-sufficiency, growing organic fruit and vegetables, the expansion of the livestock, poultry, fish farming, and introduction of modern technologies.

World Exhibition EXPO Milano 2015 will run until 31st October 2015. The national pavilion of Uzbekistan is continuing its work and receiving visitors.

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