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Israel opens visa office in Bangalore

Bangalore, July 15 The Israel consulate general Tuesday opened a visa application service centre here.

“It is simpler and easier to visit Israel as we have started issuing visas for business, tourism, pilgrimage and education in Bangalore,” Israeli Consul General Menahem Kanafi said in a statement here.

Noting that the visa application service would strengthen bilateral relations, Kanafi said the facility would enable more Indians to travel to Israel.

“Prospective visitors to Israel need not approach our embassy in New Delhi or consulate in Mumbai to get visas any more. Issuing visas from here will save time of businessmen and tourists as processing will be faster and within four working days,” Kanafi said.

The centre also offers the option of courier service to return passports with visas.

“As about 40,000 Indians visit Israel every year, our embassy has made it convenient for Indian travellers, be they businessmen, tourists, pilgrims or students to apply for visa directly,” the diplomat said.

The year-old consulate general is in charge of Israel-Indian ties with the southern states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

“Our main objective is to enable and encourage commercial relations between Israeli industries and their Indian counterparts, especially in IT, biotechnology, agriculture, water, renewable energy and healthcare solutions,” the official added.