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G20 Delhi Declaration welcomes India’s plan to build, maintain Global Digital Public Infrastructure

New Delhi, Sep 9 (IANS) The G20 leaders on Saturday committed to adopt, build and maintain Global Digital Public Infrastructure and also agreed to foster a wholesome and safe Digital ecosystem, and a resilient Global Digital Economy.

In the Delhi declaration, the G20 leaders said, “Technology can enable rapid transformations for bridging the existing digital divides and accelerate progress for inclusive and sustainable development.”

“Digital public infrastructure (DPI), as an evolving concept and as a set of shared digital systems, built and leveraged by both the public and private sectors, based on secure and resilient infrastructure, and can be built on open standards and specifications, as well as open source software can enable delivery of services at societal-scale,” it said.

It said that in our voluntary efforts to make digital public infrastructure interoperable, we recognize the importance of data free flow with trust and cross-border data flows while respecting applicable legal frameworks. We also reaffirm the role of Data for Development.

“We recognize that safe, secure, trusted, accountable and inclusive digital public infrastructure, respectful of human rights, personal data, privacy and intellectual property rights can foster resilience, and enable service delivery and innovation. To this end, we welcome the G20 Framework for Systems of Digital Public Infrastructure, a voluntary and suggested framework for the development, deployment and governance of DPI.”

It also said that it welcomes India’s plan to build and maintain a Global Digital Public Infrastructure Repository (GDPIR), a virtual repository of DPI, voluntarily shared by G20 members and beyond and take note of the Indian Presidency’s proposal of the One Future Alliance (OFA), a voluntary initiative aimed to build capacity, and provide technical assistance and adequate funding support for implementing DPI in LMICs.

Talking about building safety, security, resilience and trust in the digital economy, the G20 leaders in Delhi Declaration said: “An enabling, inclusive, open, fair, non-discriminatory and secure digital economy is increasingly important for all countries and stakeholders while respecting applicable legal frameworks. We will share our approaches and good practices to build a safe, secure and resilient digital economy. To this extent, we welcome the non-binding G20 High-level Principles to Support Businesses in Building Safety, Security, Resilience, and Trust in the Digital Economy and also welcome the G20 Toolkit on Cyber Education and Cyber Awareness of Children and Youth.”

Talking about Fostering Digital Ecosystems, the Delhi Declaration said: “We resolve to deploy all available digital tools and technologies and spare no effort in fostering safe and resilient digital ecosystems, and ensuring that every citizen on our planet is financially included. To support this, we commit to promote responsible, sustainable and inclusive use of digital technology by farmers and an ecosystem of Agri-Tech start-ups and MSMEs. Welcome the establishment of the Global Initiative on Digital Health (GIDH) within a WHO-managed framework to build a comprehensive digital health ecosystem in compliance with respective data protection regulations.”

“And will leverage digital technologies for the protection and promotion of culture and cultural heritage and adopt digital frameworks for the development of cultural and creative sectors and industries,” it added.

In a major breakthrough, the New Delhi Leaders’ Summit Declaration was adopted on Saturday after consensus was reached among member states during the G20 Summit.

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