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Will continue to work with India under Modi 3.0: US

Washington, June 21 (IANS) The US reiterated on Thursday that it continues to consider India a “close partner” and looks forward to continuing to work with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government in its third term This reassertion came at the US State Department’s briefing in response to a question.

“India continues to be a close partner of the United States, not just at the government level but at the people the people level we do share close economic ties, close cultural ties, they continue to be a partner that we work with on our Indo Pacific strategy, and we will look forward to continue to do that with the government with Prime Minister Modi’s government,” spokesperson Mathew Miller said.

Prime Minister Modi and President Joe Biden spoke shortly after the election and met briefly on the sidelines of the recent G7 meetings in Italy. In response to another question about the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan, Miller said: “We value our important relationships with both India and Pakistan. As we have said we support direct discussions between India and Pakistan. But the pace, scope and character should be determined by those two countries, not by us.”

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