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PM Modi hopes for New Connectivity across South Asia

By Our Correspondent

 New Delhi, June 26 Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has in a message to his Bangladesh counterpart Ms. Sheikh Hasina, said that he places special emphasis on India’s engagement with its neighbours as the wellbeing of every nation was linked to its neighbourhood.

“I sincerely hope we can all work together to foster a new era of cooperation and connectivity across the South Asian region, which will ignite our collective surge to prosperity,” the Prime Minister said in a letter handed over to the Bangaldesh Premier by visiting India’s External Affairs Minister Ms Sushma Swaraj at Dhaka.

Modi emphasized that for India, Bangladesh is “not merely a neighbour, but a nation with which we share history, culture, civilization, and enduring links between people.” The ideals of democracy, secularism, pluralism and rule of law also serve as a link between India and Bangladesh, he said.
“My Government will apply itself to further accelerating our engagement and strengthening the framework of our relationships,” Modi assured Sheikh Hasina.

The Prime Minister has accepted Sheikh Hasina’s invitation to visit Bangladesh. He has extended an invitation to Sheikh Hasina to visit India at her convenience.

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