National Days of all countries

March 20
13:22 2014
S.N. Country Date National Day
1 Cuba 1-January
2 Haiti 1-January
3 Slovakia 1-January
4 Sudan 1-January
5 Myanmar 4-January
6 Romania 24-January
7 Australia 26-January
8 India 26-January
9 Nauru 31-January
10 Sri Lanka 4-February
11 New Zealand 6-February
12 Grenada 7-February
13 Iran 11-February
14 Japan 11-February
15 Vatican City 11-February
16 Serbia 15-February
17 Lithuania 16-February
18 Kosovo 17-February
19 Libya 17-February
20 Gambia 18-February
21 Saint Lucia 22-February
22 Brunei 23-February
23 Guyana 23-February
24 Estonia 24-February
25 Kuwait 25-February
26 Kuwait 26-February
27 Dominican Republic 27-February
28 Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-March
29 South Korea 1-March
30 Bulgaria 3-March
31 Ghana 6-March
32 Syria 8-March
33 Mauritius 12-March
34 Hungary 15-March
35 Ireland 17-March
36 Tunisia 20-March
37 Namibia 21-March
38 Pakistan 23-March
39 Greece 25-March
40 Bangladesh 26-March
41 Malta 31-March
42 Guinea 3-April
43 Senegal 4-April
44 Syria 17-April
45 Zimbabwe 18-April
46 England (United Kingdom) 23-April
47 Italy 25-April
48 Sierra Leone 27-April
49 South Africa 27-April
50 Togo 27-April
51 Marshall Islands 1-May
52 Poland 3-May
53 Netherlands (Kingdom of the Netherlands) 5-May
54 Paraguay 14-May Día de Independencia
55 Norway 17-May Syttende Mai (Constitution Day)
56 Cameroon 20-May Cameroon National Day
57 East Timor 20-May East Timor Independence Day
58 Montenegro 21-May
59 Yemen 22-May
60 Eritrea 24-May Eritrea Independence Day
61 Argentina 25-May Argentina Revolution Day
62 Jordan 25-May Jordan Independence Day
63 Lebanon 25-May
64 Georgia 26-May Georgia Independence Day
65 Armenia 28-May
66 Azerbaijan 28-May
67 Ethiopia 28-May Downfall of the Derg Day
68 Nepal 28-May
69 Nigeria 29-May
70 American Samoa (United States) 1-June
71 Samoa 1-June Samoa Independence Day
72 Italy 2-June
73 United Kingdom 2-June
74 Tonga 4-June
75 Denmark 5-June Denmark Constitution Day or Grundlovsdag
76 Sweden 6-June Sweden National Day
77 Malta 7-June
78 Portugal 10-June Portugal Day, Dia de Camoes
79 Philippines 12-June Araw ng Kalayaan
80 Russia 12-June
81 Iceland 17-June Iceland National Day
82 Seychelles 18-June
83 Greenland (Denmark) 21-June
84 Luxembourg 23-June Luxembourg National Day
85 Croatia 25-June Croatia Statehood Day
86 Mozambique 25-June
87 Slovenia 25-June Slovenia Statehood Day
88 Madagascar 26-June
89 Djibouti 27-June Djibouti Independence Day
90 Congo 30-June Congo Independence Day
91 Burundi 1-July Burundi Independence Day
92 Canada 1-July
93 Hong Kong (China) 1-July
94 Rwanda 1-July Rwanda Independence Day
95 Somalia 1-July
96 Belarus 3-July Belarus Independence Day
97 United States 4-July USA Independence Day
98 Cape Verde 5-July
99 Venezuela 5-July
100 Comoros 6-July
101 Lithuania 6-July
102 Malawi 6-July
103 Solomon Islands 7-July
104 Argentina 9-July
105 Palau 9-July
106 South Sudan 9-July
107 Bahamas 10-July
108 Mongolia 11-July Naadam Holiday
109 Kiribati 12-July Kiribati Independence Day
110 São Tomé and Príncipe 12-July
111 Montenegro 13-July
112 France 14-July France National Day
113 Colombia 20-July
114 Belgium 21-July
115 Egypt 23-July Egyptian Revolution Day
116 Liberia 26-July
117 Peru 28-July
118 Vanuatu 30-July Vanuatu Independence Day
119 Benin 1-August Benin Independence Day
120 Jamaica 1-August Independence Day of Jamaica
121 Switzerland 1-August Switzerland National Day
122 Burkina Faso 4-August
123 Cook Islands 4-August Constitution Day of Cook Islands
124 Burkina Faso 5-August
125 Bolivia 6-August Bolivia Independence Day
126 Ivory Coast 7-August Independence Day of Cote d’Ivoire
127 Singapore 9-August
128 Ecuador 10-August
129 Chad 11-August Independence Day of Chad
130 Pakistan 14-August
131 India 15-August Independence Day of India
132 Liechtenstein 15-August
133 South Korea 15-August
134 Dominican Republic 16-August
135 Gabon 17-August Independence Day of Gabon
136 Indonesia 17-August Independence Day of Indonesia
137 Afghanistan 19-August Independence Day of Afghanistan
138 Hungary 20-August
139 Ukraine 24-August Independence Day of Ukraine
140 Uruguay 25-August Independence Day of Uruguay
141 Moldova 27-August Moldova Independence Day
142 Slovakia 29-August
143 Kazakhstan 30-August
144 Kyrgyzstan 31-August
145 Malaysia 31-August
146 Trinidad and Tobago 31-August
147 Slovakia 1-September
148 Uzbekistan 1-September
149 Transnistria 2-September
150 Vietnam 2-September
151 San Marino 3-September
152 Swaziland 6-September
153 Brazil 7-September
154 Andorra 8-September
155 Republic of Macedonia 8-September
156 Malta 8-September
157 North Korea 9-September
158 Tajikistan 9-September
159 Belize 10-September
160 Costa Rica 15-September
161 El Salvador 15-September
162 Guatemala 15-September
163 Honduras 15-September
164 Nicaragua 15-September
165 Malaysia 16-September
166 Mexico 16-September
167 Papua New Guinea 16-September
168 Chile 18-September
169 Saint Kitts and Nevis 19-September
170 Armenia 21-September
171 Belize 21-September
172 Malta 21-September
173 Mali 22-September
174 Saudi Arabia 23-September
175 Guinea-Bissau 24-September
176 Botswana 30-September
177 People’s Republic of China 1-October
178 Cyprus 1-October
179 Nigeria 1-October
180 Tuvalu 1-October
181 Germany 3-October
182 Iraq 3-October
183 South Korea 3-October
184 Lesotho 4-October
185 Egypt 6-October
186 Republic of China 10-October
187 Fiji 10-October
188 Equatorial Guinea 12-October
189 Spain 12-October
190 Niue 19-October
191 Hungary 23-October
192 Zambia 24-October
193 Kazakhstan 25-October
194 Austria 26-October
195 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 27-October
196 Turkmenistan 27-October
197 Czech Republic 28-October
198 Greece 28-October
199 Turkey 29-October
200 Algeria 1-November
201 Antigua and Barbuda 1-November
202 Dominica 3-November
203 Micronesia 3-November
204 Panama 3-November
205 Tonga 4-November
206 Cambodia 9-November
207 Angola 11-November
208 Poland 11-November Swieto Niepodleglosci (Independence Day)
209 Northern Cyprus 15-November
210 Palestine 15-November
211 Latvia 18-November
212 Morocco 18-November
213 Oman 18-November
214 Monaco 19-November
215 Lebanon 22-November Independence Day of Lebanon
216 Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 25-November
217 Suriname 25-November
218 Albania 28-November Dita e Pavarësisë (Independence Day of Albania)
219 Mauritania 28-November
220 Barbados 30-November
221 Scotland (United Kingdom) 30-November
222 Central African Republic 1-December
223 Romania 1-December
224 Laos 2-December
225 United Arab Emirates 2-December
226 Thailand 5-December
227 Finland 6-December
228 Tanzania 9-December
229 Kenya 12-December
230 Malta 13-December
231 Saint Lucia 13-December
232 Bahrain 16-December
233 Bangladesh 16-December
234 Bhutan 17-December
235 Niger 18-December
236 Qatar 18-December
237 Mongolia 29-December
238 Israel May 14 (date varies according to Jewish calendar at 5 Iyar) Yom Ha’atzmaut

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