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Montenegro marks its presence in Delhi

New Delhi, July 14 The National Day of Montenegro – a country of a little over 650,000 people in southeastern Europe – was celebrated here with great gusto and splendour that took the guests into a wonderland of nature studded with beautiful seas, mountains and exotic greenery.

Montenegro is a happening destination for many Indians and is even being mentioned in Bollywood films (Salman Khan “Ek Tha Tiger”). Montenegro is a country cuddled between the Adriatic Sea and Dinaric Alps, often lovingly referred to as the “Pearl of the Mediterranean”.

The healing medical centres at Igalo City are famous for bringing relief for inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis. The thrill of adventure sports like white water rafting, canoeing, scuba diving, skydiving, mountaineering, biking and trekking are attracting people from all over the world to that country.

The function Sunday, at the Ashok Hotel, was attended by diplomats, MPs, politicians and prominent people in the society who remarked that they had never attended such a beautifully decorated function that contained the warmth of celebrations of a National Day.

According to Janice Darbari, Honorary Consul General here of Montenegro, the establishment of the Honorary Consulate Jan 1, 2008 and the visit of the foreign minister of Montenegro to India culminated in India-Montenegro relationship flourishing in all fields of economic activity and tourism

Montenegro provides a big opportunity for investment in different fields like agriculture, hotels, highways, seaports and airports, she said.

Montenegro has borders with Serbia to the north, Albania to the southeast, Adriatic Sea to the south, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina to the west and Kosovo to the east.