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Mars mission a historic achievement : President Pranab

New Delhi, Sep 24 The success of the mission to Mars will “inspire our scientists to make even greater strides”, said President Pranab Mukherjee who described it as a “historic achievement”.

Mukherjee Wednesday congratulated the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) for the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) entering the orbit of the red planet in its first attempt.

In a message to Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chairman K. Radhakrishnan, the president said: “I extend my hearty congratulations and best wishes to you and your team on the successful Orbit Insertion Maneuver of the Mars Orbiter Mission ‘Mangalyaan’ after a journey of nearly nine months.

“The success has made India the first Asian country and ISRO the fourth space agency to send a satellite to the red planet. ISRO is also the first to enter the Martian Orbit in its maiden attempt.

“The nation is proud of this historic achievement which has demonstrated, yet again, India’s space capabilities. I am sure that this breakthrough, which marks a significant landmark in our space programme, will inspire our scientists to make even greater strides,” the president said.

He also conveyed his greetings to the members of the ISRO team of scientists, engineers, technologists and all others associated with the mission.

“The nation is grateful for their hard work and proud of their accomplishment,” he added.

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