3rd of July – the Independence Day оf the Republic of Belarus

July 02
17:20 2020

On July 3, Belarus celebrates the main state holiday ‑ the Independence Day.

76 years ago, on July 3, 1944, the capital of Belarus Minsk, was liberated from fascism. Since then, this day has been associated with the liberation of the entire territory of Belarus from Nazism. This holiday is a symbol of unity, courage and steadfastness of the people, continuity of the generations of Belarus.

Having occupied the entire territory of Belarus in 1941, the Nazis were unable to bring the Belarusian people down to their knees. Resistance to the enemy during the Great Patriotic War, which became the largest and bloodiest battleground of the Second World War, acquired a truly national character. The victory was secured by soldiers and officers of the Red Army, partisans and underground workers, the indomitable will of civilians. The victory over fascism was achieved at a high price. The lives of almost every third Belarusian are laid on its altar.

In recognition of the significant contribution of the people of Belarus to the destruction of fascism, Belarus, being that time an integral part of the Soviet Union, became a founding state of the United Nations.

Belarus is a young state by historical standards, which appeared on the political map of the world as an independent and equal subject of international law after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The Republic of Belarus has won the right to choose its own development path. Today, the Republic of Belarus, being an equal subject of international law, has taken a worthy place in the world community.

Belarus stands for equal, comprehensive and mutually beneficial cooperation with all states, for strengthening the systems of international and regional security, and for resolving any conflict peacefully. Belarus consistently conducts a balanced multi-vector foreign policy.

Today, the achievements of independent Belarus are recognized in the world. The success of Belarussian scientists, for example, has ensured the country to become a space power.

The Republic of Belarus is a dynamically developing European state with an open export-oriented economy. According to the degree of openness of the economy (the ratio of foreign trade and GDP), the country is ahead of other CIS states and is among the top ten European countries.

Belarus is an industrial country. The share of the manufacturing sector in its economy is at the level of developed countries.

The national economy of Belarus develops sustainably. Belarus’ production potential is based on industry (more than 100 industries). The country has a developed technological base in the industries and services sector (mechanical engineering, radioelectronics, communications, instrumentation, metallurgy, petrochemistry, light industry, food industry); it has a high scientific and technical potential in various fields of applied and theoretical knowledge: laser and nuclear physics, nuclear power, powder metallurgy, optics, software, microelectronics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, etc.

Belarus has been a leader among the CIS countries in the production of the most important agricultural products per capita (meat, milk, eggs, grains, fruits, berries and vegetables) in recent years.

Today, Belarus provides 30 percent of the world’s output of heavy-duty vehicles, 6 percent of tractors, a significant share of the world’s production of certain types of microprocessors, and in exports of dairy products.

In its development, the country relies on the «knowledge economy», which role in the modern world has grown enormously. The ambitious but achievable goal is to create an IT country.

Belarus is developing broad political, trade and economic, investment, scientific, technological, and humanitarian ties with almost all countries of the world, including India.

The Republic of Belarus is an important and reliable partner of the Republic of India in the Asian region. Multifaceted cooperation with India is a priority for the Republic of Belarus and is one of the most important components of the country’s multi-vector foreign policy.

Interaction of Belarus with India on a wide range of issues on the international agenda is characterized by mutual trust and support. The positions of the two countries are close or coincide on the main issues of maintaining international peace and security, approaches to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, as well as the decisions of major international summits and conferences. Both the countries have consistently opposed the politicization of human rights and the use of selective «double standards».

There is everything necessary for further development of trade and economic cooperation between our countries: favorable political background, relations of friendship and mutual understanding between peoples, and, most importantly, the dynamic and stable development of our national economies in difficult conditions of fierce competition in the world market, which have recently been aggravated by the coronavirus epidemic.

India is a major trading partner of Belarus. In 2019, the volume of Belarusian-Indian trade amounted to 569.6 million USD, including Belarusian exports of 395.6 million USD.

Indian business needs Belarusian rolled steel, a wide range of heavy transport equipment, cord fabrics, bearings, electronic integrated circuits, metalworking machines and other products. Indian farmers need Belarusian potash and other fertilizers, agricultural machinery. Belarus is interested in increasing the supply to India of mineral fertilizers, industrial equipment, quarry and road construction equipment, special-purpose vehicles, tractors, automobile tires, chemical fibers and fabrics, integrated circuits and control and measuring electronic devices.

In turn, Belarus needs to import a number of Indian medicines and pharmaceutical substances, rubber, tobacco raw materials, rice, tea, marine products, spices, vegetable oils and other goods that, for certain reasons, cannot be produced in Belarus.

At the same time, both countries are focused not only on trade, but also on the implementation of major joint projects and the expansion of cooperation ties. One of the promising areas of bilateral cooperation is cooperation in the industrial field, the implementation of projects in the mining industry, and other areas of application of modern high technologies.

Representative offices of a number of major Belarusian enterprises in the field of potash fertilizers, petrochemicals, and electronics have been opened in India.

Investment cooperation is expanding, and the possibility of creating joint assembly plants for Belarusian equipment in India is being considered.

Belarusian-Indian cooperation in the humanitarian sphere is developing: bilateral contacts are expanding in the fields of culture, sports, tourism, education, film industry, and traditional medical systems. In the 2019/2020 academic year, more than 800 Indian citizens studied at Belarusian universities.

The incentive for the development of inbound tourism to Belarus was the inclusion of India in the list of 80 countries, whose citizens are granted visa-free entry to the territory of the Republic of Belarus for up to 30 days if certain conditions are met.

Websites of Ministries and Other State Bodies of the Republic of Belarus

http://president.gov.by/en/president_en   Official Internet Portal of the President of the Republic of Belarus

http://www.government.by/en/      Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus

http://mfa.gov.by/en                        Ministry of Foreign Affairs

http://www.nbrb.by/engl                  National Bank

http://www.mininform.gov.by/en    Ministry of Information

http://www.kultura.by/en                   Ministry of Culture

https:/edu.gov.by/en-uk                       Ministry of Education

http://www.minprom.gov.by/eng/welcome        Ministry of Industry

https://mpt.gov.by/en                            Ministry of Communication and Informatization

http://www.mintrud.gov.by/en             Ministry of Labor and Social Protection

http://www.economy.gov.by/en            Ministry of Economy

http://www.mst.by/en, https://yadi.sk/d/u3BZs66-bzkEOA Ministry of Sports and Tourism

http://www.gknt.gov.by/en                     State Committee on Science and

http://www.belstat.gov.by/en                   National Statistics Committee

http://www.ncpi.gov.by/en                       National Center of Legal Information

http://nasb.gov.by/eng/index.php           National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

https://eng.belta.by                                      Belarusian Telegraph Agency

https://www.tvr.by/eng                                Belteleradiocompany

https://www.belarus.by/en                          Belarus.by Portal

http://goldring.gomel-region.by/en          Golden Ring of Gomel Region

http://belarusfacts.by/en                             Portal about Belarus

https://www.belarus.by/en                         Official Website of the Republic of Belarus

https://infocenter.nlb.by/eng                    National Library of the Republic of Belarus

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